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3 Benefits of Using Chatbot Tech in Your Ecommerce Branding

E-commerce is an ever-evolving industry – continually booming. Several studies revealed a global rise in online sales primarily because of mobile shopping trend gaining more and more pace with every passing day. As a result, the majority online retailers continuously seek for innovating solutions for service offerings with the latest trailblazing tech. Chatbots are must-have for eCommerce brands.

Where to use these interactive software platforms?

Chatbots behave like humans and usually incorporate into mobile apps, SMS, email and live chats to ensure timely response to people’s queries. Oracle survey revealed that “80 percent of businesses intended to implement chatbot technology by 2020.”

Do you need further convincing?

According to Gartner, “average people will have more conversations with bots compared to their spouses by 2020.”

Depending on your target customers’ demands, digital retailers can use AI or Non-AI chatbots. Both have their advantages – combine pros to any business is cost savings. For instance, you are running price comparison website make sure they have expertise in this very technology, and their experts can integrate it as per your requirement.

Here are three most significant reasons to invest in chatbots as a source of customer service interactions.

  1. Enhanced Brand Loyalty:

As your bots operate 24/7, it will help you in boosting your brand image. As the brand recognition accelerates, it aids in capturing new customers and retaining the old ones. As a result, it gives a remarkable lift to brand loyalty through what customers deem to be truly understanding on behalf of your brand.

  1. Augmented Personalization:

AI supported chatbots maximizes your business efficiency and consumers affinity with the brand. As bots provide custom replies, provide product recommendations, notifying the updates, follow up and delivering tailored ads as per consumer’s persona, interests, buying behavior, and much more. Chatbots offer deeper personalization in the wake of improved consumer satisfaction.

  1. Reduced Costs with Surging Sales:

Chatbots help to reduce the cost a brand usually spends on human resources – customer support representatives. As there is no time, space and human constraints while using bots for eCommerce business, the sales potential will surely boost.

In brief, chatbot tech is an essential ingredient of success recipe for any e-commerce brand.