Organic Traffic with SEO

5 Alternative Solutions to Attract Organic Traffic Other than SEO

Digital marketers have always been on a roller coaster ride. With a plethora of things running through their minds, that they need to execute timely to get immediate results, they keep on thinking about further progress.

As marketers, the majority of the people invest their time and efforts in SEO. It is mandatory because we all know that Google is an excellent traffic source. But this isn’t an only source. Have you ever thought of alternative solutions to invest your time and energy to boost the traffic quotient with minimum efforts?

It is an open fact that any company offering search engine optimization in Austin, TX or anywhere around the globe will take a few months to show the results. You need even more patience and perseverance for leads generation through white-hate SEO practices. Now, in case you want instant traffic then you must ponder upon alternative solutions.

Expand your Vision – Be Open to New Ideas!

SEO has its own worth. But, how right it is to stay tuned to only one source that may not be the best choice depending on your target demographics and competition. The majority of us is the part of the same game. There are some other sources that can bring more traffic compared to SEO alone.

For example, Upworthy (a renowned media/news company) gets almost 44% of organic traffic from social sources and about 18% of its traffic comes from search.

People react differently to different things. For instance, some like to get information from experts on social while others prefer to attend live seminars on the same issue. And, then, there are those who search for the relevant website for any required assistance and connect with their online representatives for further support.

The social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and referral sites such as guest blogging portals act as alternative search engines to help boost your website visits.

Here are five alternative solutions to SEO for driving traffic to your website.

  1. Start Social Conversations:

If you do it like a pro, you can outrival Google in attracting the right audience. You will see most of the companies present on the social media channels. But this is not enough. You need to stay activated and responsive; preferably 24/7 hours.

If you compare social vs. search, you will observe less noise to penetrate while reaching the right audience. Social engages the audience through high-quality and entertaining stuff. Hence, people are more likely to connect with your brand and click through to your business website to find more about you.

  1. Create YouTube Channels:

Provide meaningful and valuable information about your brand through YouTube – Second to Facebook, it is world’s one of the largest social platforms. It cannot outrank Google because it displays YouTube content in the videos section of its results lists. However, it can drive a substantial fraction of traffic to your site through sharable video content.

For example, if young generation is your target audience, then you can reach out more audience through YouTube on mobile alone than any broadcast or cable network. Simple uploading of videos may not bring you sales. To drive sales, you need to direct the users back to your web or product page. HubSpot videos, for example, contains perfectly timed call-to-action overlays. Meanwhile, ensure that you are providing clear and direct value to target viewers.

  1. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing:

Digital scams prevent people from purchasing online. They don’t share their credit card information with any business unless they have tried it more than twice and had faith in their reliability. You need an approval stamp.

So, you need to build trust with them that takes time when done organically. However, you can start working with influencers your target audience already trust to speed up the trust development process. For example, a personal endorsement from Neil Patel (online marketing expert) will add value to your digital marketing firm compared to an online recommendation from your client (though it’s valuable too). So, partner with influencers if your budget allows.

  1. Use the Power of Email Subscribers:

Although mobile apps and social media are gaining momentum against email marketing, email is still one of the preferred forms of contact for more than 50% of the survey participants of Consumer Email Survey Report, 2017 by Adobe.

People are still email obsessed and check their work and personal accounts every few hours, at least. Besides user preference, email marketing is still a popularly used contact method because of its higher average click-through rate (3% approx..) compared to CTR (1% approx) for Facebook ads. It means you can get more traffic from email subscribers than social media profiles.  Remember, it all starts with personalization – leaving a dramatic impact on emails opening and click-through rates.

  1. Leverage in Forums & Question Sites:

You will not find any single person without question in his mind. People have a lot of queries. They can either turn to Google or forums and question sites to find answers. To go beyond the Google’s answering range and get more elaborating solutions to your questions, individuals preferably visit the sites like Quora and Redditt.

Participate in informative conversations related to your business interests on these sites. Reddit ranks 4th amongst the most visited sites in the USA. Google and social media may outrank Reddit regarding popularity, but they cannot beat it terms of average time users spend on this platform. All you need to be extremely strategic to promote your site on Reddit. It’s not a selling platform, but you can drive organic traffic to your site using AMA (Ask me Anything) strategy.


The conversation about whether or not SEO is dying has been happening for some years now. Despite this hot debate in the digital marketing landscape, search engine optimization will remain an important aspect to drive traffic to your business website. However, in the corporate world, you cannot afford to skip any alternative way of directing more traffic to your sites such as taking advantage of YouTube channel, email subscribers, AMA sites, influencer marketing and social conversations.