SEO-friendly Website

5 Essential Elements of an SEO-friendly Website

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have an interactive and functional website that addresses your target audience’s needs. If you really target the customers to reap the full benefits of having an online presence, then you should consider Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a broad and effective system for increasing the visibility of a website in internet searches through organic search results. It drives more traffic to a site and improves the ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) to make a site visible to its audience. Therefore, it is important to design SEO friendly websites for all small and large scale organizations. A well-designed fully optimized site not only makes sure the brand building but also boosts your business revenue.

Hiring an experienced software company is a smart option to design an SEO-friendly website. Not only, it will create a site according to your needs but also market it with result-oriented SEO techniques. Hence, if you’re looking for an SEO company in Austin to develop an SEO-friendly website, then you should make some significant considerations in web design. There are 5 key features that need attention to make sure that your site design is SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

1. Unique domain name

A linguistic web design and a perfect SEO strategy start with selecting a unique domain name for your website. It’ll affect your search engine ranking and improve your brand awareness and image. So, choose a name that is short, unique, easy to remember, easy to search for, keyword-based, and easy to navigate on the web. A digital marketing agency can also help you in choosing a domain name that helps you create a success story. Contact a web hosting company and buy your domain name to designing a beautiful site.

2. Optimized HTML coding structure

It is not an easy job to create a site that is SEO and user-friendly and also loads quickly. Hire a professional digital marketing agency that employs seasoned HTML developers. They have expertise in creating SEO optimized HTML coding structure which makes your site load efficient and SEO friendly. They also include your keywords in link structures which make your site crawlable. Proper HTML coding not only builds an innovative site but also helps in generating huge traffic to your site.

3. SEO optimized content

Website content is another important element of an SEO-friendly website. Your site must have unique, original and informative content before making it live on the internet. Produce quality and keywords-based content with the help of an SEO company and make sure that it is visible and indexable to the search crawlers. The page titles, Meta descriptions, and images or video descriptions should include keywords so that your site will get ranked in search results easily.

4. Responsive web design

Responsive web design means your website will reformat itself depending on different screen sizes when it is being displayed on. This feature is vital in a website because lots of people visit websites on their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices these days which have different screen sizes. So, you should ask your selected SEO Agency in Austin to develop a responsive website. It’ll help you in targeting a huge number of audience and improving the online presence of your site.

5. Social media integration

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become a cost effective way for the promotion of business. So, you should integrate some popular social media channels in the design of your site. It’ll directly affect your SEO strategy and boost search engine rankings. Moreover, the social media synergism engages your customers with your brand and capture more leads.