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5 Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Applications Development

Whether you’re operating a small scale business or an owner of a multinational organization, having a website or mobile app is imperative for you these days. To develop a web application, software companies use different tools and programming languages. But when you talk about interactive and dynamic web application, the first word that strikes professional web developers is PHP. It is an interpreted programming language suitable for developing websites and applications because it offers multifarious features. With the utilization of PHP, web developers are able to deliver interactive and responsive websites to their clients, which can grow their businesses successfully.

If you’re one of them who are interested in creating a web application, then you must be aware of the top 5 reasons why choosing PHP for developing web applications is the best thing.

1. Cost Efficient

PHP is an open-source programming language which is economical for developing a website professionally. It is really advantageous for web developers who want to take the first step in the internet market. It can be easily attained or downloaded free of cost from the internet anytime you want. Regardless of having the low-cost feature, the quality and functionality of a web app do not hurt.

2. User Friendly

PHP is absolutely simple to use as compared to other programming languages. It has an efficient syntax similar to C language that makes it more user-friendly. PHP is efficient to speed up the development process and also makes possible to make changes in the web development project. That’s why; it has become famous in delivering reliable web solutions within stipulated time. The excellence in functionality and robustness of interactive web applications ensures the success of them.

3. HTML Integration

One of the superior features of PHP language is that it supports HTML5, the most recent version of the Hyper Text Markup Language. It means that web developers can use a wide range of interactive and attractive elements, like PDF files and Flash animations which are offered by HTML5. By following a few steps, web programmers can embed this exemplary language into HTML5 and convert an old static website into a whole new one.

4. Cross OS compatibility

PHP is an ideal scripting language for web application development because of its cross-platform compatibility feature. This appealing feature adds to its effectiveness and makes it the prime choice for web programmers. PHP works smoothly with all popular operating system (OS) like Windows, UNIX, LINUX and interfaces with MySQL and Apace. With PHP, developers can easily develop and deploy interactive web applications on multiple platforms so that a huge number of audiences can be connected to their clients ‘businesses.

6. Enhanced Security

PHP programmed websites and applications are highly secure and stable because it is an encrypted language. It uses solid, multi-layer security architecture which helps to keep your web page safe from the unwanted intruders which are one of the major development concerns nowadays. Due to its dynamism and flexibility, web developers can add software like PHP Intrusion Detection System (PHPIDS) to avoid external third-party threats.

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