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5 SEO Tactics to Empower Your Inbound Marketing:

SEO and inbound marketing, both are crucial for growing businesses. The two are analogous to a building and its foundation; both needs one another’s support to get complete and stand firm. SEO gets traffic to the websites by making people find and share the content. Hence, its integration into inbound marketing is quite important. Here’s a few
things to remember while planning your SEO strategy so that it empowers your inbound marketing plan, not otherwise.

  1. Follow Google Updates, Religiously:

You need to go with the trend or else, you will be nowhere in the search engines. Google keeps on rolling new updates; the most recent is Google Search Console and Mobile-First Index. Now, if you overlook these imperative updates Google will soon penalize your website. This will jeopardize your online business presence on the internet, meaning that shredding the big quotient of target audience leading to decreased consumer-base and hence, the profit.

  1. Optimize Videos and Images:

Quality content, in any form, is the backbone of SEO. If at one end, you are optimizing the textual content by using appropriate keyword phrases in titles and body, then on the other hand you have to optimize the visual content of your website. For this you need to add titles, descriptions and tags based on target keywords with the videos and images. For the self-hosted or third-party video optimization, it’s better to hire a recognized Digital Marketing Agency in Austin because professionals can easily get the rich snippets for your site’s visual content relating to your own domain, can customize the video player, and build the backlinks to your webpage through embeds.

  1. Keep Generating New Content:

Keyword stuffing will ruin your site’s content value. Likewise, old content containing obsolete information would be disastrous to your SEO efforts. Revise the headlines with updated keywords and fresh content with material relevant to the present time, give people something valuable to read. Add substantial content to ‘thin web pages’ incorporating relevant keywords. This is important to avoid the risk of hurting your SERPs rankings by optimizing too many keywords phrases on one page and ignoring the rest at all. Be practical and split the keywords to be used on different pages. In this way, even a few good keyword phrases will get ranked in top positions. Isn’t it satisfactory despite allowing search engine crawlers to reprimand your web page bloated with keywords.

  1. Show perseverance for selected keywords:

 Be consistent with the targeted keyword phrases in all areas of inbound marketing. for example, if you are using one keyword in your web page, then use the same for your other marketing channels such as outreach marketing through emails and social media, the white papers and video SEO through YouTube or Vimeo etc. continuity of using same keywords id important for your integrated marketing efforts. It plays a vital role in strengthening your position in search engines.

  1. Create Internal Links:

Creating internal links are as essential as inbound links. Creating internal links from one popular web page to another on your site increases the user engagement. This means site visitor will spend more time on your website that will help in decreasing the bounce rate and hence, the improved ranks in SERPs.

Long story short, if you do not follow Google guidelines, don’t refresh content, don’t optimize visual content, don’t stay consistent with keywords, and overlooks creating internal links, all these sins will not only disturb your SEO, but negatively impact the inbound marketing efforts.