SEO Techniques to Improve Rankings

6 Effective Off Page SEO Techniques to Improve Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is a well-known internet marketing approach which plays a vital role in the success of business. SEO involves a great combination of methods, technologies, and strategies used by marketers to improve the ranking of a website in the search engine results. Though the onsite optimization is important, off page SEO holds a pivotal role. Off page, optimization generates organic traffic that is the people who search the website in different search engines. It has been observed that organic traffic turns into buyers and also increases ROIs. The best way to generate maximum results from off page SEO strategy is to hire a specialized SEO Company. It can recommend you the best off page SEO techniques to meet your business requirements and objectives.

Here are 6 effective off page SEO techniques which not only improve the rankings of your site in different search engines but also take your business to the next levels.


Blogging is one of the best off page SEO techniques that every webmaster should adopt to generate more traffic. It is beneficial for the promotion of your products or service worldwide, as it can create brand awareness and also bring visitors to your site. For blogging, you just need to write unique and quality content that can capture the attention of customers. And then, you can publish it on high-rank blog directory sites or social media too. It’ll surely help you in getting quality backlinks which improve your site ranking in search engine result pages.

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2. Directory Submission

Since the availability of the internet, local online directories have existed. Submitting your business to local directories is cost-effective off page approach which helps the people find your business in search engines. Hence, you should try to submit your business in a niche directory related to your industry. It’ll definitely maximize the exposure and effective of your business listing.

3. Article Submission

Article submission is a powerful off page technique that assists you to promote your offered products or services, which in result help you to achieve top position on different search engines. There are numerous quality websites available that have a nice PR score where you can publish your articles and get a backlink to improve your site ranking.

4. Forum Marketing

Participating in forums is an excellent off page practice that helps you in creating your company’s good impression in front of customers. In forum marketing, you find a forum related to your industry and start reading and commenting. And with every comment, you can get a link to your site. However, it is advisable that you should use “Do-Follow-forums” to boost your search engine optimization in Dubai. When you register on such a forum, you’ll get a profile where you can add your website link which helps a visitor directly visit your website.

5. Photo Sharing

Another off page SEO technique that can help to improve your site ranking is Photo sharing. In this approach, you just need to share the creative and eye-catching images of your products or services on various photo sharing sites such as Picasa, Flicker, and Photo Bucket, etc. These attractive images not only quickly capture the attention of people and in this way it helps to drive huge traffic to your site and improve ranking in search engine result pages.

6. Social networking

Nowadays, SEO is nothing without social networking. It is bigger than ever and helps to make or break your brand image. There are lots of activities which you can perform on social networks to target a wider audience. You can create communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on other channels to interact with your customers. You can share quality content, images and videos on social sites to attract the attention of more people. An influential social media campaign not only increases your brand awareness but also potentially boosts your PR and generates more traffic to your site. Contact Jouple, a leading digital marketing agency in Austin to design an effective social media campaign according to your business needs and goals.