Ecommerce Marketing

An Evergreen Marketing Funnel for E-commerce Sites

People rarely make online purchases on a whim. A very few decide to purchase quickly. These impulsive decision makers are rare – very rare. The majority of the people takes time to learn about the brand, examine the products, and compare features and prices before they will buy anything.

It means you need to add substantial dynamism to your marketing efforts so that you can engage people in different ways. And, it will be possible when you engage your potential customers differently depending on their position in your marketing funnel. Doing this right means you will have an evergreen marketing campaign that will scale up the performance of your sales funnel – serving your eCommerce business for a long time.

Before you take up marketing funnel development process, you need to have a well-planned and well-implemented SEO strategy to drive the right traffic to the website and if you are feeling any trouble during making a perfect SEO plan then you need to take consultation from expert search engine optimization service in Austin Tx. No Doubt, keywords are important, but you need to target the user intent instead of keywords. For example, ‘Property Agent’ may be a high-quality keyword but if people are not placing their queries about it into the search bar, it will not help you to capture and direct the right traffic to the target website.

A perennial marketing system with well-established sales funnel works for a long time; saves you from constant headaches of fixing and improving your buying funnel. As you get significant web traffic through search engine optimization, you will be in better position to get the best out of your marketing campaigns.

Develop an Evergreen Marketing Funnel – Basic Idea:

TOF (Top of Funnel): Get potential customers who are likely to raise their hands to show interest in your ‘triggers’ such as giveaways, discount coupons, and entertaining content, etc.

MOF (Middle of Funnel): Retarget those who raised their hands and engage them through sequenced content – educate them about your brand, add humor and offer them what they want (learn about consumer behavior)

BOF (Bottom of Funnel): Retarget recent buyers to additional offers for an upsell or cross-promotion strategically to make them repeat buyers.

Takeaway: Allow non-buyers to fall out every 2-6 months.

If you do this right, you can efficiently maximize your eCommerce business revenues.