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Blockchain is a special kind of decentralized database with identical blocks of data across a P2P network. It functions as a shared public, digital ledger on which all cryptocurrency transactions rely. Blockchain development is undeniably an ingenious way to execute incorruptible economic transactions in cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for Bitcoin or Ethereum development services, then Jouple as a well-recognized blockchain development company is all set to get a simple, secure, and easy-to-use decentralized platform ready for you.

Why Jouple to Create Cryptocurrency?

Blockchain has already had a huge impact in Digital Currency, with emergence of Cryptcurrency such as Bitcoin. However we believe that Digital currency is just the beginning of what is possible with Blockchain technology as newer applications emerge that will challenge and disrupt the way we do business.

At Jouple we provide decentralized application development services based on Blockchain technology. Our services include our in-house platform for creating new cryptocurrency, exchange development and cryptocurrency wallet. As well as custom application development services based on blockchain technology to various industries including Finance, healthcare and other sectors.

wallet development

Wallet Development

In the past few years, the price of Bitcoin has grown manifold. Same is the fact for other cryptocurrencies. To perform transaction in cryptocurrency, there should be an ‘Online Cryptocurrency Wallet’. Cryptocurrency Wallet is an equivalent to regular bank account. It makes exchange possible and also stores cryptocurrency in a secure manner.

Jouple is a leading developer of universal cryptocurrency wallet for the exchange of popular cryptocurrencies. Some features of Jouple Cryptocurrency Wallet include:

2 factor authentication Optional for the user to setup 2-factor authentication
Auto denial of duplicate payments This feature is highly beneficial because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency systems do not allow charge-back
New public key auto generation, for every new transaction This features makes frauds difficult to occur and criminals cannot follow the ownership of coins
Optional session logout A security measure that logout user automatically after a specific time period
Recurring billing and invoicing Recurrent payments save time as well as energy
Multi Signature (Multisig) Adds additional level of security that requires another user or users sign a transaction before it can be broadcast onto the block chain.
exchange development

Exchange Development

Develop Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Jouple has created a peer-to-peer (P2P) and cryptocurrency exchange development platform. With this platform, the client can securely and anonymously buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies without depending on a centralized exchange.

Key Advantages

Jouple next-gen cryptocurrency exchange platform can exploit the potential of the cryptocurrency protocol completely, to give the client most secure, reliable and private cryptocurrency exchange. It offers these major benefits:

ReliabilityReliabilityEven if server is down due to any reason, the exchange continues working without getting affected.
PrivacyPrivacyWhen there is an exposure to an external trigger, it evaluates a pre-defined condition and gives data for compliance and reporting.
Less FessCost EffectiveThis provides the option to charge users an exchange fee or offer it as free of cost.
SecuritySecurityClients can always control their cryptocurrency. They are in charge of their Wallet.

How does it Work?

Jouple cryptocurrency exchange platform uses features of cryptocurrency to enable a secure way of exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies with an untrusted peer. There is no need for a centralized trusted third party.

Open Source

Cryptocurrency Development Services

It is predictable that soon most businesses around the world will be working on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain network. Organizations that are interested in creating their own cryptocurrency Jouple provides Cryptocurrency development services based on the Bitcoin open source code.

3 Steps to create Cryptocurrency

The client Signs up on Jouple platform by providing details such as the name of the new cryptocurrency, number of coins and so on. Jouple create seed node for that currency. The client begins mining their new Cryptocurrency.

You Signup on our platform by providing details such name of the new cryptocurrency, number of coins you want etc.


We will create seed node for your currency.

You can start minning your new cryptocurrency

Why choose Jouple as Cryptocurrency Creation Service?

  • We combine the base logic of Bitcoin and speed of Litecoin
  • This is based on Cryptonight algorithm that needs less memory and is also CPU-friendly.
  • All the bugs of the original Bitcoin source code such as cryptos and heavy scripts have been removed from the source code.
  • Client can select to trade cryptocurrency on global exchange or use only within their organization.
  • We offer flexibility and easy integration with other technologies such as web apps

Blockchain based decentralized application development

If you are looking for a robust distributed Peer-to-Peer system that builds an immutable record of data and stored information, you have come to the right place. Jouple strives hard to bring revolutionary perspective of blockchain technology to create powerful decentralized applications.

We offer end-to-end custom tailored Blockchain Application Development Services for varying business requirements.

How does Jouple’s blockchain service help achieve exceptional results:

  • Get exceptional decentralized applications according to your specific requirements.
  • Experience finest smart contracts and escrow services, authentication and tokenization services
  • Modular architecture that can easily be customized.
  • Get live help from our Blockchain Experts throughout the project
  • Enjoy smooth implementing of Blockchain technology to enhance functionality and security of the application

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