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How to Make your eCommerce Website More User-Friendly

Just like in a brick and mortar business, customers come first an eCommerce store also depends on the online consumer-base. However, the competition is quite high in the companies operating online. In fact, growing an eCommerce business is a tough business because you don’t have the real sales personnel to help and guide customers as soon as they enter your e-store. All you have is a perfect web design. Make the best out of it.

Want to share information? Looking for a platform to promote your products? Get your website developed. But, is it enough to grow your business? The majority of the people will deny it because it’s an old story. Today’s digital environment has moved the markets toward providing a stable customer experience – mandatory for increased traffic conversion in the revenue generation process. To give your potential consumers the best experience, you need to consult a web service provider offering affordable web design in Austin, Tx making your digital presence as engaging as possible.

Look for solutions, not styles:

People tend to leave the websites that take too long to load despite having a clean, attractive and fully customized, responsive design. So, in the first place, plan a minimal design framework for your site.

Here are a few basics to create a memorable customer experience with the help of a robust and user-friendly website.

Simple, Clean & Functional Design:

Today, the minimal design is in the trend. People are living a fast-paced life, and they do not have enough time to read stories online unless it’s a newspaper or magazine. Even, in that case, they tend to skim through the content. It pertains to the need of using simple imagery, little text and keeping all important information on one page. For this, use parallax scrolling feature as shown in nearly all modern websites. It brings excellence in the design that engages the website users and also decreases the page loading times.

Enable Data Caching via CDN:

CDN stands for a content delivery network that stores and distributes the website data on different servers worldwide. You can use CDN to enable content caching. What’s the benefit? Online businesses usually have consumers across the world. Now, if your site is hosted on a U.S server and you have visitors from Europe and Asia, a good CDN will cache and distribute your site’s data to sub-servers in those areas – speeding up the user experience. It will increase the loading time of the website up to 50% and decrease the bandwidth up to 70%. Both the factors add value to digital experience your potential customers look for.

Make it Easy & Flexible for the Users:

Here are few things to consider for improved user experience.

Compress the codes to reduce the HTTP responses to the server that will increase the site speed.

Reduce the number of form-filling fields to make the process easy for the users.

Use short-spanned videos and animations to reduce the loading time of the web pages.

These are some of the tips you should take into consideration as you try to enhance the user-experience of your site’s visitors.