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Is WooCommerce a Good Choice for WordPress Plugin?

It is broadly acknowledged these days that all businesses need an eCommerce solution to compete in the business world. Because of the emergence of the cutting-edge technologies with a challenging consumer market, business owners are taking interest in looking for the best online solutions that will reach demanding customers who want quality, affordability, and speed of operations. So, if you’ve decided to create an eCommerce website, opt for WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress. By using WooCommerce Development Services for an eCommerce website, an interactive site can be created that will offer an easy-to-handle online shopping cart and multiple payment gateways.

WordPress is an open-source platform launched in 2003 and now it has more than 70 billion users around the world. According to a 2015 report, about 50,000 websites are created on this platform daily. It is free for anyone and there is no licensing fee because it was started by the community for the community. Anyone from beginners to seasoned web developers can use it to create functional and attractive websites and blogs that will help in reaching targeted customer base for all sorts of businesses. Moreover, in WordPress, there are plenty of plugins available for free that means you can save a lot of money in the website development process. Some of the free cart plugins you can use are WP eShop, WP-os-Commerce, and WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress designed for small to large-sized retail businesses. Introduced in September 2011, the plugin has become popular because of its significant features. One of the outstanding features of WooCommerce platform is that you can use it without paying any cost. This modern tool can make your online selling process very easy. You just need to download it within a few minutes. It is a great choice for those who want to create their online shop with little funds.

Another feature of WooCommerce is user-experience. Yes, websites developed with this tool are customer-friendly and attractive. There are lots of themes available on WooCommerce, you can choose and design a dream e-store. Further, you can also make changes using its customization tools to meet your needs. Online store owners find it usually hard to maintain inventories. But when you use WP WooCommerce, it’ll allow you to handle all digital and physical inventories effortlessly. With the feature of reporting, you can get a clear idea of how your online store is working.

Further, WooCommerce helps in generating actual sales. So, if you want to enhance the conversion rates of your store, you can offer free shipping facilities to your customers. With WooCommerce Development, you can maintain tax rates and logistics for different countries easily because it has an advanced setting feature which lets you configure all rates. Last but not the least, you can make your business a success with options of customised campaign, tracking customers and subscribers available in this platform. With this, you can get amazing marketing extensions to boost your returns on investment (ROI).

All these features and advantages make WP WooCommerce a prime choice among all small and large-sized businesses. If you want to build a website for your retail business, you should choose WooCommerce for site development. Contact Jouple to get excellent yet affordable WooCommerce development services.