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Ways to Amplify Traffic through Outbound Content Marketing:

Every single business wants a dramatic increase in its website traffic. Outbound content promotion is the right choice in this regard. And, for this, you need proper implementation of strategies that drive more traffic to the target website. As a digital marketer, you should learn how to capture the people’s attention who read your content, like and share it. It will help create a healthy relationship between your brand and target audience. As you embed the right keywords after exhaustive research in your content, it will help improve the chances of ranking high in search engines.

A story doesn’t end here. There is a lot more to it. You need links from other authoritative sites for top rank in Google. For this, you should have to implement proven content marketing tips. Great content will work the best for you brand recognition when promoted remarkably through appropriate channels. To make things easy for startups, they just need to choose the most compatible affordable SEO Packages because it’s an incredible option. It will aid the companies with search engine optimization of content. However, this is an inbound content promotion for which sites first need to rank in SERPs. Outbound is a different but necessary to play a game.

Great Content + Optimization + Outbound Marketing = Increased Organic Traffic

Reach out Target Audience:

Targeted Audience

So, you have created the content that ranked on Google. It’s an inbound way of getting organic traffic

Your potential consumer base finds you on different social channels and engages with your content. It’s inbound content promotion.

Both the examples suggest that your high-value content is fetching the traffic mechanically. All you need is to publish it and you can hire a professional website content writing services in this case. Social media and search engines will direct the target audience without any further effort on your end.

Outbound is different. Here you need to reach the target audience and tell about your content. It’s a sort of customized way of content promotion.

For instance, you send a message to a digital influencer about your white paper and ask for feedback and request to publish it on his blog. Email messaging is another option to inform the relevant audience about your post.

It All Begins with GREAT Content:

You can publish excellent to average quality content on your website, and search engines will keep sending traffic your way. Just because that specific page is ranked there and on receiving the relevant query in the search bar the user will be suggested to check your site.

It’s not the case with an outbound promotion. In outbound marketing you need content holding incredible substance and value for the target readers.

Imagine you share an article couple of times by reaching out the prospective consumers but don’t get the anticipated response. It means your content isn’t valuable to them.

You know the key reason? It lacks relevance to the target people. Today, marketing depends on consumer behavior and their preferences, and not on what you have in your arsenal. You must give them personalized solutions by focusing on their pain points especially in outbound marketing campaigns.

Craft the Right Type of Content to Bring Difference in Outbound Promotion Results. 

Enlisted below are the content types that usually gets more likes, links, shares and therefore worth creating an outbound promotion campaign.

Problem-Solution Frameworks.

Research Reports/ White Papers.

Infographic and Influencers Content.

Training Manuals with Useful Utilities.

Well, whatever content you produce to keep it consumer-oriented. Readers should feel connected to it.

Outbound Marketing Tips for Content Promotion:

Here, I brought you a few amazing tactics that I use every time I write something as part of outbound marketing campaigns.

  • Promote Content Before Publishing:

As your content is ready to go live, reach out to your professional network having expertise in that specific niche and ask for their opinions; improvise as per their feedback and add anything missing as they mention.

For instance, you write a white paper on Microsoft Azure about Analytics platform System for Big Data targeting B2B businesses. Find people in your network who worked on big data and managed services both for cloud-based and on-premises and ask them to review and recommend the ways to make it better. Remember, they must have hands-on experience on Microsoft Azure and Analytics Solutions.

With this, you can quickly get several thousand likes and shares:

  • Find People Who Shared Same Content:

You need to work on likeminded people. Yes, you should find and reach out the influential people who regularly share similar content as yours. Its industry specified.

Use tools like Buzzsumo to find right kind of people and reach them via social media and if possible email them. Tell them about your piece of content and ask for the feedback.

Also, give all those people the token of acknowledgment in your content or while posting on social networking sites who provided you with a useful opinion that help improves your write up.

  • Target Your Email List at Regular Intervals:

Build an email database as the people subscribe to your website or blog or connected to you on LinkedIn because they like reading you. This sort of audience building may take time, but it’s worth waiting with patience.

Keep sending them your newly written scripts at regular intervals; say every week.

Adding to it, don’t forget sharing your posts again. For instance, you write one article per week and share with the target audience over email then put a note in the end as a suggestion to read an old post that might interest them.

Send a newsletter every week containing all posts you published during the week on various channels; website, guest blog, and social media, etc.,

What Else?

If you can invest in outbound marketing, consider paid promotions. They won’t cost you much but will bring surprising results.

For example, if your social media reach is declining, you can jack it up through social media ads.

You can run customized promotional campaigns on LinkedIn or can give your Facebook content distribution a good boost through sponsored posts.

All in all, the essential things in outbound content marketing to increase traffic are great content and picking the right platform.