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React JS – An Asset for Your Software Development Process

These days, there are software application programs to take control of your business, especially in the B2B industry. This is to deal with the bucket-load an organization is facing at different fronts.

The most appropriate solution to take your business to the next level is to invest in the custom software application development using React JS (JavaScript library). It’s essential to create interactive UIs that efficiently pass the rich data through your app and competently update and render the right components as soon as your data changes.

Why You Need a Custom Software Application Program?

We are breathing in the digital millennium. Therefore, innovative change is necessary to survive and thrive in the corporate world because it is reinventing itself at a fast pace.

Now, the challenge is how to run your B2B company successfully. You need to give a boost to your brand worth. For this, you need a top rated software development company that gives your world class solutions.

First things first understand how your business operations, marketing platforms, tracking systems, software applications, data analytics, and IT service providers are interconnected – reinforcing the impact of one another to achieve desired results.

software development company

Think about Uber, Netflix, Instagram and even Facebook as a brand and figure out the common tipping point that turns them into a huge success.

What makes all such top-notch brands act as trailblazers in today’s broad and complex digital territory? Give it a thought!

Use your good sense. Yes, these brands are doing everything from marketing to financial management, sales, data science, and visualization, etc., in a new, innovative way – leaving behind the conventional norms. Reason? The changing lifestyle and thought-process of the potential consumers.

Moreover, it’s the mindfulness of their top brass that executes decision-making processes on the contemporary grounds.

Does this suffice the need? Indeed, there is a lot more to it. The people working at the backend who implement digital marketing and business development development plans need to ensure effective management while making the best possible consumption of the company’s resources. The combined effect of all these efforts gives the company a firm grasp on its operational areas, technologies, applications and vendors – and how they relate.

Know Where You Are Headed!

First of all, you need to stay updated about all the software advancements in your target industry. Secondly, do not go generic – customize everything to meet your specific business needs and clients’ expectations. Last, but not the least is taking an in-depth look at the available resources – human and financial.

Evolve yourself, follow transformational digitization and catch up with the latest software development trends in the wake of business advantage.

Custom Software App Development as a Digital Solution for Business Growth:

software development company

Take a breath and imagine if your enterprise software program, POS system or a mobile app isn’t bug-free and often collapse it will not allow you to establish an unsurpassed brand worth. You cannot outrank your competitors because your software application miscarries the required elements of successful functionality and user interface.

Here, you need to count on the influential role of React.JS as a cross-platform compatible with multiple app development components. Developers can introduce SoC (separation of concerns) in a better way while structuring the code in React.JS. It’s mainly because of the agility potential this methodology delivers. It’s provided intelligent dynamics help to improve the software architecture and functionality in each iteration – adding exceptional value to the final product.

What’s More? It’s simple, fast and scalable.

How Does it Work?

software development company

The React JS library uses a Model Graph for representing the virtual diagram. Afterward, it renders the diagram in 2 layers:

NODE Layer that renders the nodes as React components.

LINK Lauer that renders the links as the SVG paths.

The corresponding link or node React widget is generated when each link and node is integrated into a factory. It helps you with the app customization process as you create your nodes. You can browse the React JS demo directories to learn how to develop and implement your custom nodes – for enhanced app performance.

React.JS offers the best-in-class premium admin templates including:

React Admin

Material Design ReactJS




These templates support the developers to fix any performance issue in a React-based software application quickly.

No business can afford poor app performance; deteriorated functionality impedes the user experience leaving a negative impact on your brand image and hence the revenues. It needs instant rectification.

Here are some essential performance tips that can help the professionals to develop a clear-codded software application with high-end functionality.

Use Babel Compiler for Building a Compact Code:

In all runtimes and across every platform from desktop to mobile devices and browsers, you need smooth functionality for your enterprise software solutions.

Babel Compiler is the solution to develop a cross-browser-compatible app. It offers several plugins for the best code compilation. Babel Preset is a default React Plugin used as a compiler when developers need to write a next-gen JavaScript code. It works amazingly for the React Native Apps. Determine your preferences and use the latest and ES7/8 Presets for enhanced user interface and functionality.

Another plus of Babel Compiler is its compatibility for the older versions of the browsers, and hence, you can use the same code for all of them without a glitch.

Babel-Preset-Env plugin gives the developers the complete control as they need to assemble the required codes with a simple entry in the package.json file. It will activate the Env preset to support the target browser for your app.

This powerful configuration not only improves your app’s performance but also speeds up the client-side downloading process – ensuring flawless user experience.

Use Script for Creating Built-in Features in Targeted Browsers:

Now, if you need to incorporate new features in your target browser, you can bet on script. It allows you to develop built-ins in new versions of the browsers meanwhile supporting their old versions.

Here, you can go for any of two methods while employing the scripts in your application code.

You can utilize Polyfills through standard libraries or create and load it for a specific case.

You can use library that functions through the User-Agent header and identifies the operating system and browser a person uses to access a React-based app.

If you seek for professional recommendation, the second option is the best being easy to install, manage and monitor.

Use Tree-Shaking – Webpack for eliminating the Dead/Obsolete Codes:

Babel Compiler and help the developers to deliver compact, coherent and trouble-free software applications – compatible with all browsers and mobile platforms.

However, to eliminate the dead codes for improved user experience, they need to implement a different technique.

Tree Shaking -Webpack 2 is the right tool introduced with ES2015 modules for built-in support and consistent clearing of defective codes – increasing the performance potential of a software application.

It’s essential to remove the codes that are no more beneficial for the app, and this process is called as Tree Shaking. Just like shaking the tree detaches the dead leaves, it’s that simple to eliminate the dead codes and third-party libraries from the coding document of the main application.

It’s quick and easy. Use ES2015 module syntax to import the dependencies and then use Webpack 2+ and a Minifier (Uglify JS or Babel minifier, etc.) to execute the tree-shaking process.


Custom software applications play an integral role in the growth and development of B2B companies. The React.JS is one of the best options for business app development because it’s easy, secure and scalable. The app developers with the help of three strategic tactics as mentioned above can make the React-based enterprise applications function fast and efficiently. In brief, you can easily deal with your software development process with the help of React JS.