How to Select the Best Mobile Application Development Platform?

With the number of people using mobile phones increasing rapidly every year, several software development companies are entering into the mobile app development. The quality and variety of mobile devices that are available today, offer great choices to people. That’s why; we have various platform options for app development. Choosing a platform is just as important as developing the codes for an app. When searching for a mobile app development platform, it is essential to consider some factors. They will help the developers to create interactive apps according to the needs of their clients.

Here I’m going to describe these important factors that help developers in choosing a right platform for mobile app development.

Operating System Support

Another factor that needs developers’ attention is that they must determine the mobile operating systems they plan to use in their apps. Most of the mobile devices run Google Android, while some favours Apple’s iOS and even BlackBerry also stays alive in some corners. Major mobile app development platforms usually support Android, iOS development, and Windows too. Hence, it is important to note that if developers build apps for Windows and BlackBerry, in addition to iOS and Android, they have fewer options for mobile app development platforms.

App variety

There are three types of mobile app development commonly developed by software companies, named the web, native and hybrid app. According to app giants, native apps offer the best mobile app performance. It t has full benefits of the features built into the device and operating system, without extra layers of abstraction or access limitation. However, native app development is time-consuming and expensive too. Hybrid apps are typically less expensive as compared to native apps, as well as they take better advantage of native capabilities. Web apps are relatively easy to develop and implement, but they don’t perform as well as native and hybrid apps.

Different organizations have different requirements for app development. Therefore, most of the software development companies provide all three app varieties separately and a combination of varieties.

Cross-platform Development

Cross-platform development is the process of creating a native or hybrid app that runs on multiple OSes efficiently. The expert developers create a single code-base through which the cross-platform technology automatically generates the code for the target operating systems. In cross-platform development, developers must test the cross-platform capabilities thoroughly to make sure the efficiency of the app for all the target devices.

Deployment Method

Software companies are generally offer both deployment approaches; on-premises products and cloud-based services. On-premises app development platform takes more time and resource to buy and implement, but it can wind up with a low cost of ownership because of the long-term subscription fees associated with the cloud. It can provide more control over the platform, system process, data protection and security. On the other hand, with a cloud-based service, developers get prompt and convenient access to a variety of tools and technologies which cost low. Only seasoned software companies help in choosing a right deployment method for your app.

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