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Well-balanced, mature and scalable dedicated teams hand-picked to handle your IT project delivery.

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Jouple brings together innovation, technology and talent to set up highly productive teams extending your company’s capacity. We offer you a time-proven, individually adjusted cooperation strategy for a win-win result.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation can easily be called the most basic model of software development outsourcing. It suggests that you delegate the project development, assigning a team and providing the working space to the outsourcing company. All the other tasks like defining and micromanaging the work process fall on you – this includes people management as well. Jouple sees to it that the people are at their workplace, are paid, and report regularly. Hiring extra resources or scaling the team down, motivating your project team, assigning tasks — these responsibilities rest solely on your shoulders.

Dedicated Team

Following a dedicated team model, Jouple is responsible for assembling and partially managing your team. In dedicated development team an expert team of dedicated developers will be providing an ongoing service, for example technical support and maintenance, or operating on a pipeline of projects. Still, you get to make the management decisions on the project. You may change the level of these decisions by involving a project manager to offload some of the management tasks. Jouple expert in PM then designs the working process for the dedicated team and makes sure it is followed. He or she is tasked with micromanagement and project monitoring as well. Depending on your needs, you can assign team leaders and project management assistants to make sure your team stays flexible and efficient, if the member gets sick, the tasks are reassigned with no delay to the project. They manage requirements, monitor overall project status, report to you, and make suggestions on project management.

Project-Based Model

With the project-based outsourcing model you can forget about team management. You outline the goal that the project team is built to achieve and the time period within which you expect the delivery of the product/service. All these fine details are provided in project requirements the developed solution must meet. However, in recent years the agile methodologies have blurred the line between dedicated team and project-based models. The question then arises: if you build a team to work on product development within fixed timeframe with backlog that will change in the course of the project—is this fits into the dedicated team or a project-based model? An agile development team is paid in most cases on a per-person per-month rate basis, but that doesn’t necessarily fall under the dedicated team outsourcing model. Note that I didn’t mention the price and payment terms when talking about the service models of outsourcing. That’s because these two types are independent. The same payment approach can be applied for any service model, be it staff augmentation, dedicated team, and projects. The same is true the other way, for example, a dedicated team tasked with the product maintenance may be paid by a fixed-price, time-and-materials, profit-sharing model. Analyzing various payment terms approaches deserves a separate post (I think my next one will take a closer look at those). But in this article I simply wanted to point out the fact that you can’t determine what service model is followed by the business model only.

Delivered Value

  • Instant access to qualified resources with required technical and domain knowledge
  • Resources available for team rotation and rapid team extension
  • Value-added adjustment to your practices and methodologies
  • Intelligent product knowledge accumulation and retention
  • Minimum process stabilization overheads
  • Preferred degree of monitoring and involvement by the Customer
  • Full DDC’s responsibility for the delivered solution

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Hire a Virtual Team! We provide dedicated professionals who will work on website programming and developing on a contract basis for various development platforms such as PHP, .NET, Mobile application etc. We have affordable team of web designers, website developer, and offshore staffing team, which you can hire to reduce your total in-house operational cost.

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