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Want to Design Company Letterhead? Follow 5 Rules Religiously

As a company owner, you have to take care a lot of things – office and projects management, employees wellbeing, clients satisfaction, branding and marketing for new business prospects. Despite how eager you are to take your business to the level where it outranks the competitors, you need to take practical measures.

They say ‘everything starts from home,’ and this pertains to the need to initiate branding venture for your company in-house. For example, you can spread your corporate image through well-designed, attention-grabbing letterheads, business cards, stationery items, brochures, product catalogs, and flyers, etc.

Graphic designing helps the businesses to establish their identity as a top-performing brand. If you want to use the powerful influence of graphic images to create an exceptional vision for your company, then get in touch with innovative trends of web design Austin to generate print and e-media designs as the best representation of your business.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. ~Brian Reed

Now, let’s change the scenario. Imagine you have been given the charge of print media designing team, there are a few things to bear in mind to avoid wasting your time, efforts and money. Let’s say you have been asked to get the company letterhead ready from the hired graphic designing resource. Remember, there are certain rules you must take into account before finalizing and sending the design for bulk printing.

With the following guidelines, you will be in better position to get the job done efficiently and timely.

  1. Characterize your Business: 

The company’s letterhead design should reflect the type of business you run. It’s the core element for all sorts of items that company staff uses in routine. Here, you can get free letter head samples. Must remember, your letterheads and other stationery items act as your brand ambassador. They should capture the attention of the visitors because it increases the chances of their conversion into potential clients.

  1. Simple, but Persuasive:

Human aesthetics is the primary reason people take specific actions. The primary purpose of company letterhead is content delivery to the right audience. Keep it simple, catchy and sophisticated to persuade the potential clients. Simple doesn’t mean boring; it means your design should not overwhelm the content itself.    Everything from style to fonts, color contrast and content alignment should go in perfect balance.

  1. The Right Software:

Photoshop is the most commonly used tool. Designers can use it to craft company letterhead as well. However, some other graphics designing software tools can give you remarkably improved results. For instance, Illustrator is the most appropriate tools for all sorts of print media designs. It provides excellent vector control along with the remarkable grasp on typography.

  1. The Design Hierocracy:

Always add accurate details on the company letterhead. Keep the design minimal. You need to look different not weird. So, do not forget to follow a seasoned tone in the design hierarchy. For example, make all essential points visible and bold for the instant detention of viewer’s interest. Keep the less critical, additional information less visible. You can place them in footer or corner and small size.

  1. Different Paper Stocks:

Only one letterhead is used across the company. However, it could be different for senior management for specific use from the general use by the company employees. Now, here you have to consider two things. First, add relevant details – make it personalized for CEO and managers with their personal contact details on it not otherwise. Also, you can use textured pages for custom letterheads and plain for the generic use.

Lastly, the printing medium can make or break the overall impact of your letterhead design. Choose the right medium to save the cost and ensure quality.

In brief, letterheads play an integral role in capturing the client’s attention. So, always seek for endless excellence from its conception to designing and printing. Let’s revive your company’s persona with the help of appropriately designed letterheads to fulfill different business chores.