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Top 7 Web Design Trends to Follow Smartly In 2018

Web design is the central hub for all sorts of your online business communication. Corporate branding largely depends on a sharp-looking website that can leave viewers spellbound. It’s the reason you will see the majority of the UX/UI designers searching and following the latest trends and finding inspirations online.

In the existing digital space, you will find a lot of websites packed with phenomenal inspirations like Price Runner UK. But, their utilization will be possible at its best when a designer has an updated knowledge about what’s trending in the web design market. It is essential for the web designers; primarily for the new entrants in UX/UI designing field.

Web Design Gives your Business Efforts a Robust Boost!

Every industry experiences the trends evolution every year. Where a startup business needs an online presence in the form of a website and digital marketing, the existing companies look forward the site’s renovation and how to boost their marketing efforts – depending on all the rifts and drifts happening in target industries. Likewise, the IT experts and web solutions providers continuously improve their skillsets following the outburst of the latest trends and best-in-class tools. Same is true for the UX/UI designers.

Polished UX/UI Designs Inspire the eCommerce Businesses & Their Target Audience.

For businesses, it is necessary to improve their websites at regular intervals – with the advent of recent trends. It’s the job of dedicated web designers to keep up with the evolving patterns of UX/UI design to capture the attention of website visitors and engage them with the interacting content. In either case, web design trends play an integral role and almost all top rated agencies of web design in Austin Texas must follow innovative trends to keep them up to date and creative ever.

If you want to prove yourself the most talented and remarkable web designer in the present, you must follow web design trends of 2018.

Here you Go!

  1. Big and Bold Fonts:

Bold, engaging fonts have become a thing in web designing. They give a quick hookup. Don’t go passive with the fonts style, size, and placement. Well, fonts positioning is more associated with content placement aspect of a website. Big fonts have been on an upswing for last few years and will continue this year.

Big fonts also enhance the website’s readability potential. It’s important that website visitors can quickly scan the content despite struggling with the smaller fonts. This quick scanning not only makes your site conducive for mobile users but also help to reduce the bounce rate for improved SEO according to our SEO Company Austin Tx. So, must note down this key point.

  1. Big Geometric Shapes:

The clean and simplistic but attention-grabbing decorative details are must for creating a highly responsive and user-friendly web design. There is a lot more to it. Don’t stop here and get more and more creative with the geometric shapes this year. Craft large geometric shapes as the most refined design element for your site.

Large geometric shapes in well-adjusted symmetry are now considered as one of primary graphic elements instead of a mere source of conveying the necessary information. Avoid adding unnecessary embellishments. Use geometric shapes wisely to decrease the otherwise likelihoods of demeaning the website from its actual functions.

  1. Asymmetrical Grid Layouts:

Your website is a sum of hundreds of things. What makes it different from others? The way you bring all website elements together to generate an exciting impact on the users. Here, you need a strong foundation in the form of asymmetrical layout.

In opposition to last year’s minimalist style, the trend of broken (in balanced proportion, not randomly) or asymmetrical grids has its heyday. Viewers love it because it adds great depth into the website that aids in creating an exciting user experience. It’s not only eye-catching but also keeps the prospective leads on the site longer.

  1. Bright and Saturated Colors:

Dress your website in colorful, contrasting tones. Pure, solid colors are still in a rage, but, today the real thing of value is the intensity or chroma of the dominant hue in color.

The minimal color scheme is a past story. 2018 is a year of bright and bold colors. You need to bring the saturated-color scheme to the table. It is the best possible way to magnet the users’ attention and keeps them engaged with your site for the extended period.

  1. Balanced Parallax Scrolling:

Today, it’s the focal point for website designing. The flat design moved to the back seat compared to 2018 trend of parallax scroll – featuring big layers and bold drop-downs. It adds a real depth to the overall UX/UI design.

The grid layout with this parallax principal allows the site user to move single columns at various speeds while scrolling. The best part is the nicely developed 3D effect as a user navigates the site that makes him feel like immersed in it – enhanced user experience.

  1. Scroll-Triggered Animations:

Storytelling is a great way to engage the website users. The scroll-triggered, well-timed animations are not only fascinating but also help to tell a story. And, people usually get attracted to new, compelling stories. And, powerful stories push them to take action as per your choice – online purchase, newsletter subscription or any other call-to-action pertaining to your business niche.

Well, timing is important. Randomly placed animated content and its inappropriate execution will bring you nothing. You need to capture the user’s attention at the right time while getting him to navigate through the next steps. It helps to keep the visitors on the site and take them into the sales funnel by revealing to them their required information at the right moment using scrolled animations.

  1. Bottom Navigation in Mobiles:

With the rising popularity of mobile browsing in 2018, it becomes essential for the UX/UI designers to build their websites with the maximum use of mobile-first mentality. Now, as they need to make the sites more mobile-friendly, the bottom navigation on the mobile versions is a practical approach.

This trend makes fantastic sense with reference to smartphone’s application navigation. It becomes easy for the user to access the navigation using his thumb when its placed at the page bottom in site’s mobile version.

Final Thought:

It’s not the time to sit back. The world is changing at the fast pace. You need to grab great opportunities quickly – and, it will be possible when you have a chameleon aptitude for evolving your skills according to the latest web design reforms. Remember, 2018 is supposed to be the most vibrant year for web designers.

What else you think will also be exciting to experiment within 2018?