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Who’s stealing your Website Traffic? Let’s Confront & Fix Them!

When it comes to eCommerce businesses, it’s not always your competitors taking away a big chunk of your consumers. They cannot dagger you in the stomach, especially when your USP (unique selling point) has an utmost potential of grabbing the customer attention and your products and services are the second names to comfort, quality and value for money.

Now, what’s the reason you still couldn’t meet the business targets? Have you ever wonder what caused a sudden decline in your online consumer ratio? It could be any reason behind. Whether your prices are far higher than the standard market rate, or your website framework isn’t offering a seamless shopping cart, and check-out process and the most important search engines are hitting you hard. Again, there are several reasons that your search engine optimization efforts keep going down the drain.

As the whys and wherefores of organic traffic’s sudden decline vary so does the solutions to things causing such a terrible problem. The first thing to do is conducting the website audit for which you can engage Austin SEO firm. For the reason that businesses, especially startups, usually don’t have an expert team of web auditors that can dig into every bit of design, development, content and search engine optimization to figure out the cause of website traffic deceleration.

Just like the turbulent waters beat down a skilled surfer, your website can become sick unto death because of traffic theft. Yes, I am referring to organic traffic that drives toward your site as a result of well-round search engine optimization strategy.

Issues Hampering your Website Traffic:

There are the problems that act as termites and slowly harm your website traffic, and then there are those pesky things that suddenly drop it down – your site simply vanished the online scenario. Well, this usually is the case when either you go against the Google webmaster rulings, or there is an inescapable Google algorithm update. Whoops! What a lethal move by Google without prior notification.

Imagine, the other day you set everything perfect for search engines to rank your site and with all the white hat tactics you were happy to see improved keywords ranking. But, next morning, your website is nowhere to be searched on the internet. In an entirely panicked state, with the feel of breathing your last, you will try to figure out what the hell happened overnight.

Suddenly, a message popped-up on your mobile screen – informing you about algorithm changes by Google. Got it? Google penalized your website. However, the websites backed with flexible SEO plan seldom disappear this way. Google updates don’t deteriorate the websites unless they already have some serious issues. Else, only the traffic statistics get disturbed, and we all know about its consequences.

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Here’s a list of the most critical issues that you should consider promptly and seriously if you don’t want to lose immense organic traffic and hence, the decreased number of leads and sales.

  1. Data Inaccuracy:

It is one of the possible reasons for your site’s ever-increasing bounce rates and dropping traffic. Be sure that your site’s analytical data is 100% accurate. Don’t miss even a single abnormality in your website traffic. Overlooking a small traffic fluctuation can cost you dearly. Spot the changes for specific time periods, page types and devices and revamp your SEO strategy accordingly to prevent it in the future. Compare the statistics after regular intervals for improved results.

  1. Duplicate Content:

Google hates content repetition on any of your website pages. As soon as search engine crawlers find duplicate content, they drop the ranking – traffic loss. Don’t take it for granted and immediately remove the repeated stuff and improvise the thin pages (lacking substance). Remember, crawler feeds on content besides other things and just like you and I they love consuming fresh and healthy; it means original content. Use plagiarism tools assure the site’s content originality.

  1. Troubling Links:

The web links usually break as a result of significant changes. For instance, website migration, redesign or updates. Before that, your site traffic may have experienced better days, but Google Search Console don’t always give a helping hand. So, fix the crawl errors caused due to broken/malicious links. Don’t forget website auditing after completing the renovation process.

  1. Hacking Dilemma:

Now, this is the real assassin. Like it or not, you aren’t safe from cyber-attacks. Although under hacking threat, and even if you completely lost control of your website it can be fixed. Don’t worry; Google got your back. Use Google guidelines to bring your website back to life.

  1. SERPs Evolution:

The evolution of SERPs largely depends on Google updates, and if you fail in keeping pace with changing algorithms, it will hamper your website traffic.

Be watchful and stay prepared to cope with the sudden changes. You can use Rank Tracker or monitor the SERPs manually to be aware of any upcoming change. At least keep cute, but web traffic cannibals Penguin and Panda away from your site.

Last, but not the least, if your website doesn’t withstand the mobile-first index it will leave a destructive impact on your organic traffic.

In brief, keep a strict check on your website by following the points as mentioned above.